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Too Much of a Good Thing? Update on Fish Consumption and Mercury Exposure

Cathy W. Levenson, Donald M. Axelrad
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/j.1753-4887.2006.tb00197.x 139-145 First published online: 1 March 2006


While there is a significant amount of data showing health benefits of increased fish consumption, there are conflicting reports about the cardiovascular risks of mercury in seafood. A recent long-term study attempted to resolve this controversy, providing an opportunity to balance recommendations from the US Environmental Protection Agency for mercury with those from the American Heart Association for fish consumption.

  • cardiovascular disease
  • coronary heart disease
  • docosahexaenoic acid
  • eicosapentaenoic acid
  • mercury
  • methylmercury
  • omega-3

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